Sunday, 28 June 2009

4 Fashion Forward Show Stopping Dresses

(above) Luella
(above) Lanvin
(above) Christopher Kane
(above) Mary Katranzou

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Classic, Adorable, Chic summer look

dress - Stella Mccartney
necklace- Poltock and Walsh
Sandals- Bstore
Sunglasses - Emmanuelle Khanh
Trilby - Debenhams
Clutch - Stella Mccartney

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gorgeous Jeans - Made In Heaven..... literally

(above) Chloe Lonsdale - designer of MiH Jeans

I adore MiH's timeless, stunning, comfortable jeans. MiH Jeans are worn by the most famous, stylish celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson, Kelly Brook, Keira Knightley, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. MiH jeans come in a range of styles - to list a few of my favourites "the Oslo jean", "the London Boy jean" and "the Marrakesh jean. MiH jeans are stocked in Harvey Nichols, Matches boutique and

Chloe Lonsdale the designer of MiH jeans has kindly offered to let me interview her....... Enjoy

me -
When was MiH jeans launched and what inspired you to launch it?

Chloe - MiH Jeans was originally launched in 1969 by my godfather, and re-launched about 4 years ago. I couldn’t find a mid-rise pair of jeans on the market that I wanted to wear, and thought other people must be having the same problem, even though it is what the original brand offered as well first time around. Inspired by the archives I decided to create a product which was clean and sophisticated, and not really low rise, which every jean seemed to be at the time.

me - Describe the "perfect MiH jeans woman" in 5 words?

Chloe - Successful, determined, busy, chic, individual.

me - What was your latest jeans collection inspired by?

Chloe - The AW09 collection, which will be in stores this summer, was inspired by feedback from our customers and MiH fans as to what they really want to wear and what they would like to see in the new range. The washes follow a
palette of real, earthy tones including muted slate grey, inky black-blue and classic jet black, and classic cuts are given a sophisticated edge in the smartest, best quality denims, with tonal stitching, highlighted by traditional studs and rivets.

me - What is your favourite look/style to pair your jeans with?

Chloe - For day I always wear my London jeans with Converse and a white t-shirt, and for evening I dress the same jeans up with heels, blazer and feminine top.

me - What are your favourite trends for Fall/Winter 09?

Chloe - Statement shoes and the continuing obsession with denim!

me - Who is your style inspiration from the past or present, and why?

Chloe - My Mum [the original MiH in-house model] has always been a muse to me – no one makes a t-shirt and jeans look better than she does!

me - Where do you hope to see MiH jeans in 10 years time?

Chloe - In 10 years I hope the collection will have expanded into jeans for men and children, and we will have our own retail stores as well as continuing to be stocked in all the best stores around the world.

me - What was your favourite Fashion Week Collection for Fall 09?

Chloe - I loved Marc Jacobs AW09 show – I thought it was very coherent with many wearable pieces.

me - What is your favourite fashion boutiques worldwide and why?

Chloe - I adore Biffi in Milan for it’s unique choices, Barneys for having everything I could ever want under one roof, Beckley in LA and Matches in London for the same reason despite being much smaller stores.

me - Have you got any tips for aspiring fashion designers?

Chloe - To work hard, be dedicated to your craft and never take no for an answer!

(above) Keira Knightley in MiH Berlin jean

(above) Rihanna in the Oslo Slim jean

(above) Katie Holmes in the London Boy jean

(above) Claudia Schiffer in the Marrakesh Jean

5 Black - Stunning, Black Tie Heeled Shoes

If you, like me have been endlessly searching for some statement heeled shoes to match perfectly with your summer wedding LBD and you still haven't found one...... you have come to the right place - I have found 5 gorgeous, show stopping black embellished pairs!
Wear them with an LBD, some elegant jewelry and a statement head piece - and you'll be bound to have all eyes on you!

(above) Guiseppe Zanotti
(above) Gia Lorenzi
(above) House Of Holland
(above) Finsk
(above) Nicholas Kirkwood

Monday, 22 June 2009

Unique,Glamourous, Statement - Eco Friendly Shoes

(above) one Of Elisalex's stunning shoes

When I attended London Fashion Week (the exhibition) I was truly inspired by Nina Dolcetti'sstunning, unique, sculptural shoe designs. Little did I know that they were all eco - friendly (shhhh I would have bought them anyway). As described on her website, "Nina Dolcetti shoes represent a new breed of conscious design, that confidently walks the line between decadent pleasures and environmental awareness". As soon as I returned home, I immediately contacted Elisalex - the founder of Nina Dolcetti to ask abit more about the backround of her brand etc........


me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a shoe designer?

Elisalex - I've always loved the daintyness and symmetry of shoes, I used to draw pages and pages of shoes as a child and was obsessed with Barbie shoes. I decided I wanted to design shoes towards the end of school and then my passion was cemented while learning to make them at Cordwainers.

me - What characteristics does a shoe need in order to be elegant and stylish?

Elisalex - I think elegance and style are two very different things. In order for a shoe to be elegant the lines need to be sinuous and elongate the woman's leg. In order to be stylish, anything goes! - shoes become like little twin sculptures...

me - On your website it says that your designs "confidently walk the line between decadent pleasures and environmental awareness"....... explain how your shoes are made to be environmentally friendly?

Elisalex - My shoes are made using pre-consumer waste - basically left overs. There is so much left over from the fashion industry - off-cuts, colour swatches, scraps, even bits deemed to be faulty or damaged - and I think it's important to use that up instead of creating demand for more "new" stuff. Otherwise it would just be wasted by going into landfill or being incinerated.

me - Where do you find inspirations for your shoe designs?

Elisalex- I find that inspiration comes in waves. I never know where or when I'll get a wave, but they last about 5 days and come every few months or so.

me - Where would you like to see yourself and your brand in 10 years time?

Elisalex - In 10 years time I'd like for my brand to be internationally recognised, and selling worldwide. Which I reckon is probably the goal of most designers out there...! I hope to expand, but into what is still secret...

me - What advice can you give to the fashion conscious youth of today (future designers etc)?

Elisalex - I don't really feel qualified to give advice... I'll have to get back to you on that one!

me - How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Elisalex - I own about 100 pairs, last time I counted... which was quite a while ago...!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

5 Adorable Casual Summer Print T- Shirts

If you are looking for a more casual look - for going on holiday, or for visiting a summer music festival, then pair any of the below t- shirts with a pair of washed out/ ripped jeans, or harem pants, a pair of retro sunglasses and a panama - and you'll be ready to hit the town in style!

(above) - Topshop
(above) Lanvin
(above) Ossie Clark
(above) Miu Miu
(above) Charles Anastase

Monday, 15 June 2009

Quirkiest Up and Coming Designers Catwalk Looks

(above) Falguni and Shane Peacock
(above) Ioannis Dimitrousis
(above) Louise Gray
(above) William Tempest
(above) Emilio De La Morena

Sunday, 14 June 2009

5 Show - Stopping Necklaces

(above) Poltock and Walsh
(above) Vera Wang
(above) Lanvin
(above) Lanvin
(above) Marni

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Clashing Shades make a romantic Look

Clashing Romance
Clashing Romance by Cocobutterlipbalmx

dress - Cathy Pill - £855.00
sandals - Balenciaga £470.00
bag - Lulu Guinness £171.00

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gothic elegance- Alexandra Groover Interview

(above) a look - straight from Alexandra's fall 09 catwalk collection

When I came across
Alexandra Groovers stunningly elegant, dark, quirky, sheek designs which were presented for the first time during the recent Fall 09 fashion week as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout - I decided I had no choice but to interview her for my blog.......

me - What is your favourite trend for fall 09?

Alexandra - Big jewellery- it's about time it came back- it is such a nice way to make a statement with one's outfit.

me - When did you launch your brand?

Alexandra - I had a soft launch for the label in 2008, and my first official catwalk show was this past February 2009.

me - If you could steal anyones wardrobe from past or present, who's would it be and why?

Alexandra - Ooh, there are too many good choices- but I think Cleopatra would be up there- the Egyptians were so extravagant from their clothing, to their jewellery, hairstyles and makeup.

me - Where do you find inspirations for your designs?

Alexandra - I mostly take inspiration from the natural sciences, but this season, I will take this inspiration with the addition of researching the mythology associated with my natural subjects.

me - When and where did you decide you wanted to be a designer?

Alexandra - I grew up with a jeweler mother and a painter father and a furniture designer who was my babysitter- I think it was pretty much my destiny to become a designer or an artist! But my interest in clothing as a form of design most definitely began when my mother signed me up for my first sewing class when I was 10 years old.

me - Describe the perfect "Alexandra Groover" woman?

Alexandra - The Alexandra Groover woman is one that is very stylish, but also does not blindly follow all of the current fashion trends. She is more individual and prefers to invest in pieces that will compliment her existing wardrobe and not be thrown away after one season. When designing, I keep in mind that I would like each design to be a special, yet classic piece that the customer will want to keep for years and years.

me - What is you favourite fashion boutique?

Alexandra - Max Field in Los Angeles, California, USA

me - Can you give any tips to aspiring fashion designers?

Alexandra - The ones who fail are the ones who give up. Or I perhaps it is best left to man who says it best:

"If one remains as careful at the end as he was at the beginning, there will be no
failure." Lao-Tzu


Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved. - Lao-Tzu

me - What was it like to present your collection in London Fashion Week as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout?

Alexandra - It was a great honor to be able to present a professional catwalk show to the press and public. Thanks to Vauxhall Fashion Scout, I was able to do this. It couldn't have been better. I had a great team of people helping me make it the successful show that it was.
(above) a photo of Alexandra looking ever so chic
(above) the "Ephyrae" dress from Alexandra's grey label collection

Monday, 8 June 2009

5 Chic, Smart - Summer Evening Tops

If you, like me are wary of being overdressed at summer wedding receptions, or if you prefer not to conform to the crowd by wearing a dress and are desperate to find an opportunity to show off your long toned legs - then I have found the perfect solution for you!
Pair one of these (below) tops (stocked in with a pair of sleek, grey faded jeans by Stella Mccartney- for a much more relaxed look, or a pair of Pleated short Culottes by Paul & Joe.....
                                              (above)    Roland Mouret

                                                  (above)     Jill Sanders

                                              (above)       Moschino

                                                      (above)    Philip Lim

(above)    Lanvin

The Story Behind These Chic Lulu Guinness bags

Summer has arrived and after searching the net for summer accesories I came across these two gorgeous, quirky summer clutches from Lulu Guinness. Catrin Jones the PA to Lulu Guinness kindly offered to give me some information and inspiration behind each product......... 

(above) Sunblush Lips Clutch
This piece comes from the Spring Summer 2009 collection and the on-trend sunblush colour is one of the main shades of the season. The lips clutch is an iconic piece that is introduced into every new collection in a colour that relates to the pantone of that collection. 
 The lips have been so important to Lulu as they epitomize Glamour and add femininity to every outfit.
(above) Kooky Eyed Cat Clutch
As the launch of Autumn Winter 2009 coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Lulu Guinness Handbags, Lulu wanted the collection to incorporate all the main icons she has continually used within her collections since the company was founded back in 1989. One of the icons is the cat, which appears in the laminate print with a number of other fellow icons such as the hand mirror, the rose basket and lips to name but a few. As well as on the laminate print, Lulu wanted the cat to appear elsewhere in the collection, so she designed a few feline-themed handbags, one of which of course was the Kook-Eyed clutch. It is witty, quirky and fun to wear. Purrfect.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Look Of The Week

  • Cardigan - Rodarte
  • Trousers - Balenciaga
  • Shoes - Alexander Mcqueen
  • Bag - Stella Mccartney
  • Top - Chloe

Monday, 1 June 2009

5 Killer Heeled Sandals

(above) Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy platform sandals £445
(above) Fendi Tri-color slingback sandals £338

(above) Marni Crossed slingback sandals£390

(above) Jimmy Choo Loop patent leather sandals £450

(above) Stella McCartney Nautical platform sandal £387