Thursday, 23 July 2009

5 Chic and Unique Winter Bags

(above) Alexander Wang
(above) Dolce and Gabbana
(above) Jamin Puech
(above) Alexander Mcqueen

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Top 5 Fall 09 Fashion Week Looks

(above)Graeme Black immaculate tailoring, unique brightly coloured print

(above) Givenchy glamourous feathers and frills- matching shoes
(above) Jill Sander - Striking colour, amazing sculptural build
(above) Altazurra - gorgeous rouching, so elegant
(above) Rodarte- stunning bondaging, and knee high boots

Monday, 20 July 2009

Bright, Eighties Inspired, Electric Print Dresses

Miss Selfridge and Hed Kandi have created a capsule collection of 10 sexy body-con dresses featuring iconic Hed Kandi imagery – all designed by Hed Kandi illustrator Jason Brooks. This exclusive collaboration is a first for both brands who have found the precise fusion of music and fashion; the Miss Selfridge girl perfectly demonstrates the essence and lifestyle of Hed Kandi. The collection features figure hugging body con dresses splashed with stunning, quirky vibrant prints inspired by Hed Kandi’s graphics. Dress styles range from cut out, bubble, one shoulder and slinky V-back, all designed to take you from funky, trendy daytime chic to night time clubbing. The collection will be stocked in Miss Selfridge from the 30th July nationwide.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

5 Quirky/ Cute/ Striking - On Trend Jackets

(above) Rick Owens Jacket
(above) Matthew Williamson Jacket
(above) Maison Martin Margiela Jacket
(above) Labour of Love Jacket
(above) Balmain Jacket

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Quirky, Innovative designs - Ioannisdimtrousis

(above) stunning crocheted look from aw09 collection

Ioannisdimtrousises spring 09 collection could be described in so many words, the wide range of different innovative ideas included in his designs from fringing on tops, to crocheted dresses and tailored suits finished off with wooden curtain rings and beads! Once I saw Yannises collection I decided I had to interview him to see how he gets his creative ideas and how he finds inspiration........
Below I have interviewed Yannis - the designer of Ioannisdimtrousis.

me - When was ioannisdimitrousis launched and what inspired you to launch it?

Yannis - February 2006. I've always had an interest in arts, clothing and design, so it was an easy decision. I knew I didn't want to work for anyone but myself and designing was the only way I could express myself. I knew in the first years it would be difficult however, my creativity became very popular very quickly and now at a young age through hard work I can say I am already established.

me - Describe the "perfect ioannisdimitrousis woman" in 5 words?

Yannis - Strong, sharp, sensitive, empowered, sexy

me - What was your Fall 09 collection inspired by - what was its theme?
Yannis - Pain..Lots of pain..The dark feeling of the collection emphasizes the inner pain of the body. Caging it through the needles and chains with the flesh exposure asks you to look beyond the body and observe the inside.

me - For how many years has ioannisdimitrousis's collection been presented in London Fashion Week?

Yannis - I have been showing my work at LFW since Feb '06 and after the initial showing at fashion week I was featured in publications such as International Herald Tribune by Suzy Menkes, Let Them Eat Cake and other major magazines and books. The last four seasons are in the form of catwalk shows.

me - What are your favourite trends for Fall/Winter 09?

Yannis - I'm inspired by multi-cultural influences combined with innovative textile design, which provides an eclectic mix and originality.

me - Who is your style inspiration from the past or present, and why?
Yannis - chav elegance

me - Where do you hope to see ioannisdimitrousis in 10 years time?

Yannis - Everywhere..!

me - What is your favourite high street shop and why?

Yannis - i am not sure if i have any....

me - What is your favourite fashion boutiques worldwide and why?

Yannis - Collete in Paris,Dover street Market in london,and couple more which i dont recall at the moment..

me - Have you got any tips for aspiring fashion designers?
Yannis - Work hard and follow your dream...Nothing comes easy, and if it does, then you won't know what success means. You will succeed only when you will straggle to get to the top and remain on top...

(above) models get ready backstage in the aw 09 london fashion week show - notice the amazing beads!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Young, Trendy and Chic - Look of The Week

gaw droppingy gorgeous
young,trendy and chic by cocobutterlipbalmx featuring Matthew Williamson bag

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Feminine and Utterly Gorgeous designs - Gail Sorronda

(above) a look from Gail Sorronda's runway ss09/10 collection -" invasive exotics "

Gail Sorronda's feminine, utterly gorgeous, chic designs are what caused her to win the "Mercedes Benz - Start Up Awards" back in 2005 leading her onto Australian Fashion Week and then in 2007 to create a collection for Target, as part of the "designers for Target" collaboration. Her collections are sold in many shops and boutiques all around Australia, and I'm sure her label will go on to be sold worldwide!

Below I have interviewed Gail herself - Enjoy......

me - When was Gail Sorronda launched and what inspired it to be launched?

Gail - The label was launched at Rosemount Australian Fashion week in 2005 after winning the Mercedez Benz start-up award. I decided whilst I was studying that I wanted to develop a collection that I would like to sell.

me - Describe the "perfect Gail Sorronda woman" in 5 words?

Gail - In love with a feeling

me - ss09/10 collection inspired by - what was its theme?

Gail - A ritual like exotic birds dancing.
The rare and dominant species are introduced in an awkward embrace.
The love spreads and takes over like an invasive ex

"Invasive Exotics” is inspired by a new environment.

Paris has the worlds textiles and invention at my disposal which has meant greater exploration of silhouette, bringing opposite textures together, a sense of discipline and the continuation of dark romanticism.

me - For how many years has Gail Sorronda's collection been presented in Rosemount Australian Fashion Week?

Gail - Every year since 2005. Sometimes off site. Sometimes off schedule.

me - What are your favourite trends for Fall/Winter 09?

Gail - Layering interesting pieces with basics. Playful details. Volume in easy to wear elasticised garments.

me - Who is your style inspiration from the past or present, and why?

Gail - Architect Zaha Hadid. Her visionary asthetic has been applied to many mediums of design.

me - Where do you hope to see Gail Sorronda in 10 years time?

Gail - Label wise improving and developing distribution whilst maintaining a niche market. Career wise I’ll be following the signs.

me - What is your favourtie high street shop and why?

Gail - Top Shop for their accessibility and affordability.

me - What is your favourite fashion boutiques worldwide and why?

Gail - L’Eclaireur in Paris because it stocks my designers that inspire me and it presents a feeling.

The Corner Shop in Sydney as they are great supporter of young Australian designers.

me - Have you got any tips for aspiring fashion designers?

Basically be willing to sacrifice eg doing work for free, searching for an internship or work experience. Work in any capacity in the industry as it may open a door. Be resourceful with what you do know. Be brave and willing to feel uncomfortable. Be honest and disciplined with your work creatively

(above) two models pose during Gail Srronda's show in Australian Fashion Week

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Create a Stunning beach look with these 5 Adorably Cute Bikinis

(above) Michael Kors sunglasses
(above) Matthew Williamson sandals
(above) Marc by Marc Jacobs beach bag

To create the perfect beach look - pair any of these (below) bikinis to (above) an adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs beach bag, a pair of sleek white/ snakeskin Matthew Williamson sandals and classy white square framed Michael Kors sunglasses.

(above) Zimmerman
(above) Milly
(above) Chloe
(above) Lily Pulitzer
(above) Badley Mischka

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Your new stylish, high end summer/autumn wardrobe at your fingertips

If you are even in need of a new high fashion, trendy summer/ autumn wardrobe, but do not want to go out of the comfort of your own home - then "" is you solution. is an entirely fashion-focused web site, designed and developed in the UK, and it was launched in April 2006. only sells current collections on their website, but will occasionally sell last seasons collection at a sale price!

I have interviewed Frankie Hales the Press Assistant for Enjoy!

me - What is your favourite trend for autumn/winter 09?

Frankie - I’m loving the brights of AW ‘09.. When its cold and dark outside, some bright pink tights (very Gossip Girl) a hot purple dress, red winter coat, add a splash of colour to warm up any outfit on a dingy winters day..

me - Did you attend many of the London Fashion week fall 09 shows, if so did you have any favorutie collections?.

Frankie - As an assistant I didn’t get to attend that many shows but I did go to the Eun Jeong show which was amazing, gorgeous bursts of coral, fringed tights are a must have for AW ‘09..

me - On a standard working day what is your office dress code?

Frankie - We all have our own individual styles.. Some you wonder if they wake up looking that glamorous, others rock the London Kate Moss look! As long as your comfortable we have no real dress code..

me - Who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

Frankie - more programme than icon.. Gossip Girl is my latest style obsession (The City following in close pursuit!) Season two, summer for the Manhattan elite, between all the drama, the girls work holiday glamour to perfection with bejewelled kaftans, straw bags and metallic sandals..

me - In your opinion are high heels a necessity to finish off an outfit?

Frankie - There has been real debates about high heels recently, the health issues surrounding a good pair of Jimmy’s but personally, at 5’2 they are the finishing touch to any outfit..

me - What is your opinion on some of the latest trends that are very unflattering- e.g. harem pants?

Frankie - I don’t own a pair of Harem pants, I think trends are a lot of fun, not a necessity, I think if they don’t flatter you its not compulsory to follow.. – try another trend.. I’d swap Harem pants for a bit of the 1950s styling trend, I would look way too much like ‘Cant Touch This!!’..

me - What type of woman is aimed at?

Frankie -We aim to target all woman, anyone with a sense of style, who likes to treat themselves! Don’t forget men’s too!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I See Potential......

Below are 5 looks from different fashion graduates from Graduate Fashion Week 2009 - watch out for these designers - they are the future of fashion!