Sunday, 6 September 2009

Stunning, Yet Dramatic Designs

(above) a mesmerizing look from Albertine's collection

It is hard to believe that Albertine Tucknott only recently graduated from fashion college, as the style and finish of her designs look as if they were made by someone with years of experience. I decided I had to interview Albertine, to find out how her collection is going and what inspires her stunning designs.

me - When, why and where did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Albertine - I don't think it was ever a conscious decision, I kinda fell into it at first, I'm very glad now that I did!
I've always been a creative person, I studied photography and fine art in Brighton so Fashion Design seemed like a natural progression to me at the time, a step into the creative unknown!
But when I think back fashion and design were a big part of my childhood, I grew up in a very creative home, my mother inspired me a lot, she has amazing style and the best clothes!

me - What was your favourite moment throughout your fashion college womens wear design course and why?

Albertine - I think it would have to be winning the Coast competition in the second year. Our brief was to design a dress and print for the brand, and they picked mine which went into store that year and became an instant best seller! Through this I was offered a placement with Coast. The time I spent working for them really made me realise a lot about what I wanted. It was an invaluable experience, and fantastic to see how the high street works.

me - Have you worked/ interned for any designers in the past, if so who and did you find it a valuable learning experience?

Albertine - After deciding to study fashion design as my foundation pathway in Brighton I started interning for the lingerie designer Jane de Lacey, I was quite determined even then, and if I wanted something I would go straight for it! Among others I also spent some time at Markus Lupher and Jonathan Saunders. Working for Markus Lupher was great, he is very creative so it was fantastic to be able to produce his vision!

me - What is it like to launch your own line, what in your opinion are the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself?

Albertine - Well it's early days yet! But working for myself is fantastic if a little scary!

me - Has the current recession affected your fashion brands launch, if so how?

Albertine -I think the recession makes everyone move things up a gear making everyone more creative, which is fantastic because now is the time that individuality really shines, but it does mean that the competition is fabulously fierce!

me - Do you have a favourite designer that inspires you, who and why?

Albertine - I don't have one favourite designer, the ones that I find inspiring are the ones who are always striving for the 'new' not the same old same old!

me - What are your favourite trends for next season?

Albertine - I would say wear whatever makes you feel fabulous! I'm not a big follower of trends as such, real style stays in style!

me - Have your designs ever been used in magazine shoots? for which magazines and did it have a positive response?

Albertine - I've had quite a few shoots recently that are due out September/October time, watch this space. . .

me - Your graduate collection had a sort of dramatic, monotheistic theme what inspired this?

Albertine - One major influence for this collection was Fellini! His films 'Roma' and 'Casonova' are works of art, I could watch them over and over.

me - Can you give any tips to the future generation of fashion designers?

Albertine - Do as much interning as you can fit in!


  1. What a fabulous interview with Albertine! I see by scrolling through your blog that you have many interviews. I'll have to spend time going through your blog.

    It is my secret ambition to be fashion designer, guess it's not a secret anymore!

    Love your blog and I'm off now to peruse through the rest of your blog.


  2. Great interview! I love it - and the dress that you've posted is beautiful. Very talented! And, btw, I love the cocktail dresses posted below. So stunning!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Who is the lady in the photo? Is that Lady Gaga? LOL.. Very creative outfit.. You are right, dramatic but very stunning outfit.. Do you think people would love to see this if you wear this in the street as a part of a Street Fashion style?

  4. Such a lovely interview! The photos above are great. So nice to see something a little different on fashion blogs.