Thursday, 30 April 2009

Four Statement Stunning Summer Dresses

Camilla and Marc
Jules Trapeze Dress - £425

Veronica Silk Dress - £960

Silk Mini Dress - £636

Oscar de la Renta
Guipure lace strapless dress - £3,196

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Because Sometimes in life We need a little Push

Push It magazine is a really quirky, trendy new fashion magazine which was launched this year. Push It magazine features stunning photo shoots from fresh talent, different unique styles of art, new up and coming bands and singers and all the latest styles and trends.
I interviewed the editor Gabriel below........

me - When was Push It magazine launched?

Gabriel - PUSH IT was launched on the 12th January 2009 at about 2am in the morning. I remember as I had been up all night for the previous 3 weeks working solidly, and I will never forget the moment, I got email to say that the site was live and that the whole world was able to see what we had been doing. It was a mixture of fear, excitement and a feeling of "thank the lord" it's out there. The response have been amazing, as there was a serious need for PUSH IT.

me - What motivated you to become a fashion journalist?

Gabriel - Well when I first started out, I was a stylist. I loved styling, but always hated having to do the rounds returning the clothes, but it was a great entry into the fashion world. Through styling and working part-time at clubs, I got my big break doing presenting for MTV in the states, which allowed me to be nosey and ask loads of intruding and personal questions. It fuelled my love for journalisim - discovering new things and the ability to watch, learn and listen. After MTV, I worked for other magazines as a Fashion and Social Editor before deciding to start PUSH IT.

me - What makes Push It magazine unique from all the other fashion magazines?
Gabriel - Well PUSH IT, is really a magazine for the people. Yes, its a lifestyle/fashion magazine, but its also a magazine giving people a chance to be published and giving the many talented people a voice. It's also Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina's first international style magazine. International, as we like to mix the best of Balkan talent alongside the best of international talent. I had been to Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, many times and met so many talented people that I became inspired to do something for them: the unspoken and un-represented art/fashion world.

me - What are your favourite trends for S/S 09?

Gabriel - That's a hard one, as I don't personally like trends. I have a hard time accepting a notion of a set way, colour, style or detail that we must adhere to, or will be enforced on us. Its hard to escape that as buyers ultimately decide what we can or can't buy, but I tend to go against the grain. Saying that i do love the bleached and ripped trend. Ripped and bleached denim has always had a special place in my heart.

me - What were your favourite collections for Fall 09 during Fashion Week?

Gabriel - Well I am going to be predictable and say the obvious: McQueen - Genius! Apart from McQueen, I'm like everyone else, loving,loving, loving Balmain. Personally, I really want to own most of the pieces from Raf Simmons last collection.

me - Are there any up and coming designers you see lots of potential in?

Gabriel - Well my key focus is the Balkans, and there are so any great designers there that should really be a lot further in their careers than they are allowed to be. One of my favourites is Dejan Despotović who is a young Serbian designer. He has a great way with material, textures and most importantly (for me as an ex-stylist) he knows about a looks. UK wise I'm still loving Cassette Playa and new kids on the block Jaiden RVA James. I love their approach to menswear.

me - What is you favourite boutique worldwide?

Gabriel - My favourite boutiques are any concept stores, we can walk around pick things up, see things I have never seen before and not get hassled. So at the moment the list includes Collette in Paris, Dover Street Market, Kokon To Zai and Selfridges. I will let you know the new list, if I get thrown out of any of them.

me - Where would you like to see Push It magazine in 10 years?

Gabriel - It's a tough one and a secret one - lol. Where will PUSH IT be in 10 years time... you will have to wait and see! More importantly I hope that all the readers and fans of PUSH IT are able to gain something, read something or appreciate something interesting. There are so many magazines writing the same things, that at PUSH IT, we deliberately only feature or write something if its of interest, not just to fill space.

me - Are there any tips or advice you could give to aspiring/future fashion journalists reading - cocobutterlipbalmx - ?

Gabriel - Never give up, keep on going, if one door closes, knock on the door again....

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Talk Of The Town......

£385 -

This adorable, multicoloured, silk print dress by Anna Sui will make a perfect new addition to your bright, fun, colourful, playful summer wardrobe! It's perfect for a day out shopping in town, worn with a white tailored jacket and a pair of gorgeous, white gladiators. - Alternatively it can be worn for a summer wedding, or dinner party paired with a statement floral headpiece and elegant stilettos.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Joan Burstein - founder of fashion forward boutique browns.......... interview

Any fashion obsessed shopper is sure to know and adore London based - Browns boutique! With various stores such as Browns, Browns Bride, Labels for Less and Browns Focus........ Browns attracts a wide range of shoppers.

Joan Burstein the founder of Browns Boutique kindly gave me the opportunity to interview her, Enjoy!

When and why did you decide to launch Brown boutique?

We launched in 1970. My son Simon, who is now the CEO of Browns, had a Saturday job working in a shop that is now Browns and when he heard it was for sale he suggested to us we buy it and launch our own boutique.

How many designers collections did Browns stock when it was first launched in comparison to today?

Very few: it wasn’t the same then at all. We stocked people like Daniel Hechter, Emanuel Khan and Cacherel. Then Missoni and Sonia Rykiel

Did you have any favourite designers collections amongst the fall 09 London/Paris/Milan/ New York fashion week shows?

Lanvin, Dries van Noten and Marni

What timeless garment/accesory should every woman invest in?

A nice piece of jewellery. Fashion comes and goes but good jewellery is timeless.

Which up and coming designer do you see lots of potential in to become a world renowned name in fashion?

We think Mark Fast and Mary Katrantzou, who we currently stock in Browns Focus, are very talented and will go far

What are your favourite trends for fall 09?

Over-the-knee boots, wide-shouldered jackets and skinny leggings. Not retro though, all very modern.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Time for Spring Romance

Fendi Floral Box Clutch - - £1,170

This Glamourous, elegant floral box clutch by Fendi will brighten up any of your summer outfits! The clutch can be used for either a smart casual day out paired with a romantic nude coloured tunic and trendy gladiator sandals! The clutch can also be worn for fancy more formal events such as a summer wedding or party with a one shouldered pale coloured grecian style dress........

Friday, 10 April 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous Designs- Lorena de la Torre

I was recently inspired whilst looking through pictures of London Fashion Week - On/Off exhibition when I saw up and coming spanish designer Lorena de la Torre's sharp cuts, striking colours, yet playful designs ................

Enjoy the interview!

me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Lorena- It was never a conscious decision I had always been interested in fashion and clothing and experimenting with my scissors on everything I could get my hands on to the dismay of my poor mother.

me - Where do you find inspirations for your designs?

Lorena - Inspiration comes from everywhere but I mostly design from something that I feel so strongly about that I want to experience it completely, living and breathing everything I can on the subject. Whether it is rock and roll, a political issue or a painting by a talented new artist.

me - Do you believe that fashion should always be comfortable?

Lorena - Fashion is a form of self expression, something very personal and unique to every individual therefore fashion shouldn't be anything in particular but something that will suit the needs of each character and whatever is most important to them.

me - Describe the perfect Lorena de La Tore woman in 5 words?

Lorena - Intelligent, daring, elegant, sexy and confident.

me - What was your favourite piece from you fall 09 collection and why?

Lorena - The Revolution dress embodies both the collection and the spirit of the brand in terms of silhouette and design. I also like the fact that it challenges the customer as it is not an easy dress to wear and so it is for a person with a sense of humor who wants to wear something different.

me - How would you describe your personal style?

Lorena - My brand reflects my personal style as I design clothes that I'm interested in, clothes that excite me, that I understand and want to wear.

me - What are your favourite fashion boutiques?

Lorena - Any boutique with some character and unique pieces that has been put together with a genuine idea in mind as for instance a shop that will source unknown designers and presents them in an innovative way like an art exhibition for example.

me - Where would you like to see your brand in 10 years?

Lorena - I would like the brand to still be known by the same ideas that drive it today. A brand that produces unique garments that are timeless and original with an emphasis on quality but are also conceptual and fun.

me - Can you give any tips to the future generation of designers?

Lorena - For the business side, the most important thing is to have connections for sourcing fabrics and manufacturing so it just makes life easier if you can work for another company before starting your own.
Finally the most important advice is just to keep going no matter what, eventually everything falls into place but it might take a while so never give up.

Look Of the Week

Top of the Crop

I am adoring this elegant, summery outfit!
This look shows how easy it is to pull of the cropped top trend - even for formal events.........
The gorgeous black skirt matches perfectly with the vintage style lace cropped top - and the accessories paired with it brighten the look up to make it the perfect style for all your summer weddings/parties!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Bound to make a Statement this Summer

Do you ever sense that hunger inside you to have all eyes in a room set on you, to be noticed for once and not for tripping up in your 7inch heels.....? Well, I think, it may just be your lucky day - and that's all thanks to "Luxury accessory designer" Charlotte Olympia!

Maxine Lace-Up Sandals - are a perfect buy this spring/summer for all your evening parties/ summer weddings and at £465 they won't leave you with an empty purse on the way out.

Let Out the Playful Side of you!

Desperate for a young, in style colourful summer dress I headed to Net a Porter wary not to go over my (smaller than usual) budget in this years recession. After eyeing some out of this world, top designer, well over my price range pieces, I spotted an adorable "playful paisley dress"by Rebecca Taylor priced at £335. Its bright yet wide range of colours gives you the oppurtunity to pair it with almost anything and its versatile cut, length and style means it can be worn for either a spring/summer picnic with your friends or a more formal dinner party.

A fun take on The Classic Balenciaga

Although we are all still adoring the classic Balenciaga bag - we are all definitely up for more colour in our lives and that is where the colourful, woven Balenciaga comes in the picture!
The outline of the bag is still in the classic material/style......... but the main design is absolutely gorgeous - orange, blue, pink, white, sand woven coloured leather!
The bag may not be so suited for the recession at £1315.00....... but if you happen to win the lottery, or sell your entire wardrobe of shoes it may be buyable!

I was fascinated looking through photos of Etro's fall 09 fashion week show, eyeing their stunning aztec prints, decorating long flowy, intricately cut dresses and jumpsuits! Their signature paisley print is mind boggling-ly gorgeous. Well all this is not too suprising - seeing as their company is still standing strong (and as fashionable as ever) after twenty six years since its launch in 1963 in a small boutique in Milan. Etro is the perfect example of timeless glamour......... and I have interviewed Kelly Frey the PR manager of Etro USA to hear more about the brand and how she got to work for it etc.

me - As the PR manager of Etro USA what type of tasks do you have to do?

Kelly - In one word EDITORIAL COVERAGE! It’s really the single most important aspect for any brand even with all the new technology it always goes back to the root of it all - Fashion is beautiful and nothing shows it off better than that full page editorial in Vogue! It’s important for any brand to get maximum exposure, so every month it’s crunch time making sure the right product gets out to our top editors for upcoming shoots…especially the cover shoots! Then there are the Fashion shows, we show 4 times a year in Milan so preparing for those shows takes up a big part of our lives making sure everything gets off without a hitch, it can be a fast and furious process but once the first model takes the runway it’s glorious.

me - Did you always aspire to work in the PR sector of fashion or did you initially plan to go into design, or buying etc.

Kelly - I was actually a Journalism major and honestly thought I would end up changing the world by writing those stories that make you see things in a different light, but fate led me in a different way and it couldn’t have worked out better if I had planned it myself

me - Describe the perfect Etro woman in 5 words?

Kelly - Not afraid to wear color

me - What is your favourite piece from the Etro fall 09 collection- describe it?

Kelly - This Fall collection was truly an amazing work of art, but over all I always fall for the finale look
There are few things in life that sparkle more than the perfect cocktail dress, it’s love at first sight!

me - What is/ are your favourite boutiques?

Kelly - Opening ceremony , What Comes Around Goes Around, Chloe, Jonathan Adler (for home), Guarlain (fragrance shop in Paris I love all the bottles.

me - How would you describe your personal style?

Kelly - I’m a Mix and matcher , uptown/ downtown whatever town I throw it all in together and make it work. I love the fanciful pieces of the runway, but on a daily I keep it simple with a strong addiction to oversized cardigan sweaters and silk printed dresses. I do love black as much as I love color even after 2 years at ETRO it’s still always chic and perfect for any occasion, but it’s not as fun as a pretty paisley print.

me - What tips could you give to the future generation of the fashion industry?

Kelly - Read your books; fashion magazines cover to cover. They are the mirror of the industry and reflect everything that is happening right now in fashion. Go out! everywhere and anywhere, networking is the key to success in any industry and especially in the fashion world. Most importantly pick a job you love to do and it will never feel like work

Timeless, Chic - Morgane Le Faye

If you live in New York, or have ever visited New York I'm sure you have shopped in Morgane Le Fay
located in the middle of classy Soho. Morgan le fay's timeless elegance and beauty is extraordinary ..... their draped, floaty, puffy and different styles of dresses are all more stunning than each other. Morgan le Fay caters for all ages and for various occasions - from wedding wear, to smart casual evening wear

me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a fashion designer

Honestly, it just sort of happened, it wasn’t something I decided on. Growing up my aunt had a jewelry and ceramics studio where I spent a huge amount of time playing with wire, clay, soldering and working with stones, it made me fall in love with the act of creating things, even when they were ugly, at a very young age. I love storytelling and I think that the combination of the two, for me, is fashion. It’s a physical narrative that draws on so many different aspects of creativity. Some of my favorite pieces are still weird old masks I made out of plaster when I was in elementary school
me - Where do you find inspirations for your designs

Charlotte - Everywhere! I think that the most beautiful things about fashion is that it draws on so many sources. Nature, books, legos, vegetables, art, music, politics.... Weather.....

me - Describe your autumn/winter 09 collection in 5 words

Charlotte - The Fall Winter 2009 Collection is inspired by the classic film Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders, It is the poignant story of an angel who guards over a colorless East Berlin and sacrifices his wings for a life of simple human sensations when he falls in love with a circus performer. The themes of black and white blossoming into color, delight in the minimalist joys of human experience and the magic of the circus come together in an ethereal and dramatic collection

me - What advice can you give to the younger generation of future designers

Charlotte - Be true to
yourself, make your own way, don’t follow trends or what others are doing or what you have done in the past that has been successful too closely. The most successful designers are those who don’t focus on being successful, rather they focus on creating something truly special and artistic

me - What influences your designs - music, art, foreign cultures...... etc

Charlotte - I think nature and foreign places more than anything. Turkey and the Whirling dervishes are a real source of inspiration currently

me - What are your favourite boutiques/ shops

Charlotte - My favorite boutique is called Ludivine in the West Village in NY. I think wandering vintage shops and flea markets is the best of all though

Dearest Readers I am extremely sorry about all the confusement this is the same blog as but as there have been some problems with my google account I have had to create a new blog location - I hope that is easy enough to remeber....... I will be reposting all my previous posts- because it would be a shame to lose them and of course I will regularly make new posts on all the latest trends, new quirky up and coming designers, and on fashion events etc! Hope to see you all commenting on my posts.