Friday, 10 April 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous Designs- Lorena de la Torre

I was recently inspired whilst looking through pictures of London Fashion Week - On/Off exhibition when I saw up and coming spanish designer Lorena de la Torre's sharp cuts, striking colours, yet playful designs ................

Enjoy the interview!

me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Lorena- It was never a conscious decision I had always been interested in fashion and clothing and experimenting with my scissors on everything I could get my hands on to the dismay of my poor mother.

me - Where do you find inspirations for your designs?

Lorena - Inspiration comes from everywhere but I mostly design from something that I feel so strongly about that I want to experience it completely, living and breathing everything I can on the subject. Whether it is rock and roll, a political issue or a painting by a talented new artist.

me - Do you believe that fashion should always be comfortable?

Lorena - Fashion is a form of self expression, something very personal and unique to every individual therefore fashion shouldn't be anything in particular but something that will suit the needs of each character and whatever is most important to them.

me - Describe the perfect Lorena de La Tore woman in 5 words?

Lorena - Intelligent, daring, elegant, sexy and confident.

me - What was your favourite piece from you fall 09 collection and why?

Lorena - The Revolution dress embodies both the collection and the spirit of the brand in terms of silhouette and design. I also like the fact that it challenges the customer as it is not an easy dress to wear and so it is for a person with a sense of humor who wants to wear something different.

me - How would you describe your personal style?

Lorena - My brand reflects my personal style as I design clothes that I'm interested in, clothes that excite me, that I understand and want to wear.

me - What are your favourite fashion boutiques?

Lorena - Any boutique with some character and unique pieces that has been put together with a genuine idea in mind as for instance a shop that will source unknown designers and presents them in an innovative way like an art exhibition for example.

me - Where would you like to see your brand in 10 years?

Lorena - I would like the brand to still be known by the same ideas that drive it today. A brand that produces unique garments that are timeless and original with an emphasis on quality but are also conceptual and fun.

me - Can you give any tips to the future generation of designers?

Lorena - For the business side, the most important thing is to have connections for sourcing fabrics and manufacturing so it just makes life easier if you can work for another company before starting your own.
Finally the most important advice is just to keep going no matter what, eventually everything falls into place but it might take a while so never give up.

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