Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Because Sometimes in life We need a little Push

Push It magazine is a really quirky, trendy new fashion magazine which was launched this year. Push It magazine features stunning photo shoots from fresh talent, different unique styles of art, new up and coming bands and singers and all the latest styles and trends.
I interviewed the editor Gabriel below........

me - When was Push It magazine launched?

Gabriel - PUSH IT was launched on the 12th January 2009 at about 2am in the morning. I remember as I had been up all night for the previous 3 weeks working solidly, and I will never forget the moment, I got email to say that the site was live and that the whole world was able to see what we had been doing. It was a mixture of fear, excitement and a feeling of "thank the lord" it's out there. The response have been amazing, as there was a serious need for PUSH IT.

me - What motivated you to become a fashion journalist?

Gabriel - Well when I first started out, I was a stylist. I loved styling, but always hated having to do the rounds returning the clothes, but it was a great entry into the fashion world. Through styling and working part-time at clubs, I got my big break doing presenting for MTV in the states, which allowed me to be nosey and ask loads of intruding and personal questions. It fuelled my love for journalisim - discovering new things and the ability to watch, learn and listen. After MTV, I worked for other magazines as a Fashion and Social Editor before deciding to start PUSH IT.

me - What makes Push It magazine unique from all the other fashion magazines?
Gabriel - Well PUSH IT, is really a magazine for the people. Yes, its a lifestyle/fashion magazine, but its also a magazine giving people a chance to be published and giving the many talented people a voice. It's also Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina's first international style magazine. International, as we like to mix the best of Balkan talent alongside the best of international talent. I had been to Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, many times and met so many talented people that I became inspired to do something for them: the unspoken and un-represented art/fashion world.

me - What are your favourite trends for S/S 09?

Gabriel - That's a hard one, as I don't personally like trends. I have a hard time accepting a notion of a set way, colour, style or detail that we must adhere to, or will be enforced on us. Its hard to escape that as buyers ultimately decide what we can or can't buy, but I tend to go against the grain. Saying that i do love the bleached and ripped trend. Ripped and bleached denim has always had a special place in my heart.

me - What were your favourite collections for Fall 09 during Fashion Week?

Gabriel - Well I am going to be predictable and say the obvious: McQueen - Genius! Apart from McQueen, I'm like everyone else, loving,loving, loving Balmain. Personally, I really want to own most of the pieces from Raf Simmons last collection.

me - Are there any up and coming designers you see lots of potential in?

Gabriel - Well my key focus is the Balkans, and there are so any great designers there that should really be a lot further in their careers than they are allowed to be. One of my favourites is Dejan Despotović who is a young Serbian designer. He has a great way with material, textures and most importantly (for me as an ex-stylist) he knows about a looks. UK wise I'm still loving Cassette Playa and new kids on the block Jaiden RVA James. I love their approach to menswear.

me - What is you favourite boutique worldwide?

Gabriel - My favourite boutiques are any concept stores, we can walk around pick things up, see things I have never seen before and not get hassled. So at the moment the list includes Collette in Paris, Dover Street Market, Kokon To Zai and Selfridges. I will let you know the new list, if I get thrown out of any of them.

me - Where would you like to see Push It magazine in 10 years?

Gabriel - It's a tough one and a secret one - lol. Where will PUSH IT be in 10 years time... you will have to wait and see! More importantly I hope that all the readers and fans of PUSH IT are able to gain something, read something or appreciate something interesting. There are so many magazines writing the same things, that at PUSH IT, we deliberately only feature or write something if its of interest, not just to fill space.

me - Are there any tips or advice you could give to aspiring/future fashion journalists reading - cocobutterlipbalmx - ?

Gabriel - Never give up, keep on going, if one door closes, knock on the door again....

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