Sunday, 5 April 2009

Timeless, Chic - Morgane Le Faye

If you live in New York, or have ever visited New York I'm sure you have shopped in Morgane Le Fay
located in the middle of classy Soho. Morgan le fay's timeless elegance and beauty is extraordinary ..... their draped, floaty, puffy and different styles of dresses are all more stunning than each other. Morgan le Fay caters for all ages and for various occasions - from wedding wear, to smart casual evening wear

me - When and where did you first decide you wanted to be a fashion designer

Honestly, it just sort of happened, it wasn’t something I decided on. Growing up my aunt had a jewelry and ceramics studio where I spent a huge amount of time playing with wire, clay, soldering and working with stones, it made me fall in love with the act of creating things, even when they were ugly, at a very young age. I love storytelling and I think that the combination of the two, for me, is fashion. It’s a physical narrative that draws on so many different aspects of creativity. Some of my favorite pieces are still weird old masks I made out of plaster when I was in elementary school
me - Where do you find inspirations for your designs

Charlotte - Everywhere! I think that the most beautiful things about fashion is that it draws on so many sources. Nature, books, legos, vegetables, art, music, politics.... Weather.....

me - Describe your autumn/winter 09 collection in 5 words

Charlotte - The Fall Winter 2009 Collection is inspired by the classic film Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders, It is the poignant story of an angel who guards over a colorless East Berlin and sacrifices his wings for a life of simple human sensations when he falls in love with a circus performer. The themes of black and white blossoming into color, delight in the minimalist joys of human experience and the magic of the circus come together in an ethereal and dramatic collection

me - What advice can you give to the younger generation of future designers

Charlotte - Be true to
yourself, make your own way, don’t follow trends or what others are doing or what you have done in the past that has been successful too closely. The most successful designers are those who don’t focus on being successful, rather they focus on creating something truly special and artistic

me - What influences your designs - music, art, foreign cultures...... etc

Charlotte - I think nature and foreign places more than anything. Turkey and the Whirling dervishes are a real source of inspiration currently

me - What are your favourite boutiques/ shops

Charlotte - My favorite boutique is called Ludivine in the West Village in NY. I think wandering vintage shops and flea markets is the best of all though

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