Thursday, 7 May 2009

Four Bright, Stunning, Summer Clutches

                                            Matthew Williamson - Dark Escape Box Clutch

Alexander Mcqueen - Crystal - print Clutch

Fendi - Mini Border line Clutch

Maje - Jelica Bead Clutch


  1. Love the Matthew Williamson and McQueen clutches.

  2. Love all four! If this was a contest... I do love the Fendi, it's most my taste- classic, kind of Audrey Hepburn circa 1964.. but also love Maje, tribal mofits are going to be huge this season. They're all great. And the A McQ one could match my dress: (If I were willing to shell out a lot of £!)

    Love your blog, Coco. I'm putting you on my 'nice things' list - I can see you haven't been going that long, but I've only been doing it a month longer - so good luck to us both! Really grateful for your comment - & so will Imogen be, I'm sure! : )
    p.s. If you'd like - start your own 'nice things' list & add mine.. blogger should let you do it under gadgets. Email me if you get stuck @:

  3. That Maje Clutch is amazing! I actually think I'm in love. The colors are so beautiful together, and it would go with practically anything. Thanks for posting!


  4. ahh im glad you like my blog!
    thanks :)

    and i love that first clutch.

  5. I am not fond of M. W. but I must admit I love the first clutch!

  6. my heart is calling out for the fendi!