Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mark Fast managing director interview

- Amanda May (managing director of Mark Fast) and Mark Fast in Browns Halloween party, Amanda is dressed as Louise Brooks (in Mark Fast), and Mark as Andy Warhol

Mark Fast is a newly established knitwear designer who recently showcased his designs in fall 09 London Fashion Week - below is an interview with his managing director Amanda May, and some of his newest collections looks!

me - When, and why did you decide to persue a career in fashion marketing?

Amanda - In 1995 I was sixteen and I worked as an intern for Shania Twain. Ithought her fan merchandise needed to reflect her younger audience soI made some sketches and showed them to her. She liked them and I gotto go to New York to work with the people at PolyGram Merchandisingfor a day. I felt soooooo lucky!>

me - Describe the perfect Mark Fast woman in 5 words?

Amanda - Intelligent, cinematic, mysterious, hypnotic, sculpted.>

me - What is your favourite trend for fall 09?

Amanda - Well, obviously knitwear... I'm pretty excited about sequins too.>

me - Who is your style inspiration from the past or present and why?

Amanda - My style is kind of a mix between Debbie Harry and JacquelineKennedy-Onassis with a dash of vintage bohemian. Debbie Harry is socool and Jackie O was so chic. I found them both fascinating when Iwas growing up. I also love vintage shopping, they have the bestvintage stores called Value Village in Canada, they're reallyinexpensive. I would always find myself drawn to long feminine printeddresses and nightgowns. I was in Toronto for Fashion Week in March andI went to the local Value Village and found an acid washed denim dressexactly the same as one my mum had when I was little. I haven't wornit yet, I'm saving it for something special.

me - What was your best fashion buy this season?

Amanda - I'm crushing on a pair of silver See by Chloe sandals at Browns Focus.I'm sure they are going to be my favourite summer shoes and good shoesare so important.

Above - two looks from Mark Fast's fall 09 collection

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