Monday, 1 June 2009

5 Killer Heeled Sandals

(above) Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy platform sandals £445
(above) Fendi Tri-color slingback sandals £338

(above) Marni Crossed slingback sandals£390

(above) Jimmy Choo Loop patent leather sandals £450

(above) Stella McCartney Nautical platform sandal £387


  1. hey :D,
    thanks for your comment :),
    I recently spotted those Marni heels recently fell in love :)
    lots of love,
    nicky x x

  2. Thank you very much for your sweet comment!
    I adore almost all of these shoes here. They are clearly something special and unique. It's terrible that I can't afford them. T_T Maybe one day!

  3. Same here- well they are inspiring you can spot similiar heeled gladiators in the high street - try river island for example they are very into tribal galdiators etc

  4. I want those Stella McCartney heels, my gosh!

  5. I love the Stella McCartney heels!!!!

  6. wow thanks alot for the first comment to my post.
    lovely bog you have here.
    im loving the heels!

    xx much love

  7. hey,
    great blog. I've wanted those marni heels for ages. love your post have great taste..keep up the great work!

    camille x

  8. of couuuuuurse they're choo's .
    the shoe world would explode if i had enough money to purchase these things.