Monday, 8 June 2009

5 Chic, Smart - Summer Evening Tops

If you, like me are wary of being overdressed at summer wedding receptions, or if you prefer not to conform to the crowd by wearing a dress and are desperate to find an opportunity to show off your long toned legs - then I have found the perfect solution for you!
Pair one of these (below) tops (stocked in with a pair of sleek, grey faded jeans by Stella Mccartney- for a much more relaxed look, or a pair of Pleated short Culottes by Paul & Joe.....
                                              (above)    Roland Mouret

                                                  (above)     Jill Sanders

                                              (above)       Moschino

                                                      (above)    Philip Lim

(above)    Lanvin


  1. thank you, doll! that was so sweet.

    & these tops are fabulous! the roland mouret and jill sanders ones are gorgeous...but i cant take my eyes off the lanvin! fabulous!


  2. wonderful choices, i adore the first and last one. Lanvin just blows my mind.

  3. I bought a silk and chiffon summer top like that in Dec last year(note-It was summer then here in AUS). I've only worn it once because it's so fagile. I wore it with black skinny jeans, heels and a statement clutch.


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