Sunday, 12 July 2009

Feminine and Utterly Gorgeous designs - Gail Sorronda

(above) a look from Gail Sorronda's runway ss09/10 collection -" invasive exotics "

Gail Sorronda's feminine, utterly gorgeous, chic designs are what caused her to win the "Mercedes Benz - Start Up Awards" back in 2005 leading her onto Australian Fashion Week and then in 2007 to create a collection for Target, as part of the "designers for Target" collaboration. Her collections are sold in many shops and boutiques all around Australia, and I'm sure her label will go on to be sold worldwide!

Below I have interviewed Gail herself - Enjoy......

me - When was Gail Sorronda launched and what inspired it to be launched?

Gail - The label was launched at Rosemount Australian Fashion week in 2005 after winning the Mercedez Benz start-up award. I decided whilst I was studying that I wanted to develop a collection that I would like to sell.

me - Describe the "perfect Gail Sorronda woman" in 5 words?

Gail - In love with a feeling

me - ss09/10 collection inspired by - what was its theme?

Gail - A ritual like exotic birds dancing.
The rare and dominant species are introduced in an awkward embrace.
The love spreads and takes over like an invasive ex

"Invasive Exotics” is inspired by a new environment.

Paris has the worlds textiles and invention at my disposal which has meant greater exploration of silhouette, bringing opposite textures together, a sense of discipline and the continuation of dark romanticism.

me - For how many years has Gail Sorronda's collection been presented in Rosemount Australian Fashion Week?

Gail - Every year since 2005. Sometimes off site. Sometimes off schedule.

me - What are your favourite trends for Fall/Winter 09?

Gail - Layering interesting pieces with basics. Playful details. Volume in easy to wear elasticised garments.

me - Who is your style inspiration from the past or present, and why?

Gail - Architect Zaha Hadid. Her visionary asthetic has been applied to many mediums of design.

me - Where do you hope to see Gail Sorronda in 10 years time?

Gail - Label wise improving and developing distribution whilst maintaining a niche market. Career wise I’ll be following the signs.

me - What is your favourtie high street shop and why?

Gail - Top Shop for their accessibility and affordability.

me - What is your favourite fashion boutiques worldwide and why?

Gail - L’Eclaireur in Paris because it stocks my designers that inspire me and it presents a feeling.

The Corner Shop in Sydney as they are great supporter of young Australian designers.

me - Have you got any tips for aspiring fashion designers?

Basically be willing to sacrifice eg doing work for free, searching for an internship or work experience. Work in any capacity in the industry as it may open a door. Be resourceful with what you do know. Be brave and willing to feel uncomfortable. Be honest and disciplined with your work creatively

(above) two models pose during Gail Srronda's show in Australian Fashion Week


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