Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Your new stylish, high end summer/autumn wardrobe at your fingertips

If you are even in need of a new high fashion, trendy summer/ autumn wardrobe, but do not want to go out of the comfort of your own home - then "my-wardrobe.com" is you solution.
my-wardrobe.com is an entirely fashion-focused web site, designed and developed in the UK, and it was launched in April 2006.
my-wardrobe.com only sells current collections on their website, but will occasionally sell last seasons collection at a sale price!

I have interviewed Frankie Hales the Press Assistant for my-wardrobe.com........ Enjoy!

me - What is your favourite trend for autumn/winter 09?

Frankie - I’m loving the brights of AW ‘09.. When its cold and dark outside, some bright pink tights (very Gossip Girl) a hot purple dress, red winter coat, add a splash of colour to warm up any outfit on a dingy winters day..

me - Did you attend many of the London Fashion week fall 09 shows, if so did you have any favorutie collections?.

Frankie - As an assistant I didn’t get to attend that many shows but I did go to the Eun Jeong show which was amazing, gorgeous bursts of coral, fringed tights are a must have for AW ‘09..

me - On a standard working day what is your office dress code?

Frankie - We all have our own individual styles.. Some you wonder if they wake up looking that glamorous, others rock the London Kate Moss look! As long as your comfortable we have no real dress code..

me - Who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

Frankie - more programme than icon.. Gossip Girl is my latest style obsession (The City following in close pursuit!) Season two, summer for the Manhattan elite, between all the drama, the girls work holiday glamour to perfection with bejewelled kaftans, straw bags and metallic sandals..

me - In your opinion are high heels a necessity to finish off an outfit?

Frankie - There has been real debates about high heels recently, the health issues surrounding a good pair of Jimmy’s but personally, at 5’2 they are the finishing touch to any outfit..

me - What is your opinion on some of the latest trends that are very unflattering- e.g. harem pants?

Frankie - I don’t own a pair of Harem pants, I think trends are a lot of fun, not a necessity, I think if they don’t flatter you its not compulsory to follow.. – try another trend.. I’d swap Harem pants for a bit of the 1950s styling trend, I would look way too much like ‘Cant Touch This!!’..

me - What type of woman is my-wardrobe.com aimed at?

Frankie -We aim to target all woman, anyone with a sense of style, who likes to treat themselves! Don’t forget men’s too!

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